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Rehabilitative exercises and stretches empower patients to reduce the risk of injury, recover from injury, and control their pain. Our focus at Molalla Spine & Sport is to customize a rehabilitation plan for specific patient needs. Patients learn how to perform rehab using effective equipment and techniques while keeping instructions simple enough to be easily followed at home. Therabands, foam rollers, balance boards, dumbbells, kettlebells, and other equipment are tools to maximize each rehab plan in Molalla.

The goal of Rehab Exercises in Molalla

The goal is to improve movement and joint stability as well as retrain improper movement patterns to address the underlying causes of chronic pain. Many aches and pains are due to poor postures and repetitive motions that are used throughout a patient's day which causes excessively tight or stretched muscle groups. These muscle imbalances can be addressed by stretching the tight muscles, strengthening the stretched muscles, and correcting the postural habits that cause these problems. It is important to not only stretch the tight muscles but also to effectively move the joints of the bones where the muscles are attached. Strengthening the muscles that are commonly overused throughout the day and retraining movement patterns to reduce overuse will have a large impact on decreasing pain and improving function.

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